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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I met Allen yesterday in the post office! Guess what he had vitiligo to.

Yeah! That's how I feel when I make a V connection.

Hopefully he connects with the group. He had vitiligo on part of his face and most of his arms and guess what he said with time it covered over. That's why I say mind of its own. Or do we have a mental switch. The key is finding that button.

Quick-Did you know?

Famous people with vitiligo are doing things. See links below!

I spoke to Tempestt Bledsoe via Facebook, from the Cosby Show, who I just learned is hosting Clean House (http://www.mystyle.com/mystyle/shows/cleanhouse) who is on the following list she does not have vitiligo. It’s a birthmark.


Does vitiligo hurt?

I get asked this question many times in my son's daycare center by little 3 year olds.  What is that?  Does it hurt? How can I explain about vitiligo to them?  I tell them this, always remember to wear your sun block.  When I was proctoring a class for my daughter's school about 3 years ago there was a little girl who saw my hands and did not want me to come close to her.  She shrugged her shoulder and by physical communication said don't touch me.  I thought how rude.  But this is just an automatic response for the fear of the unknown.  How many of us take for granted going thru the drive thru or going to the grocery store and paying with cash?  Just a thought!
• Okay! So far vitiligo is an autoimmune disorder that affects the skin’s pigment cells.

• It does not physically hurt and it is does not spread person to person.

• Vitiligo can cause a feeling of low self esteem, self worth, and depression. Why? People with vitiligo experience more attention than anyone else if their vitiligo is noticeable. People who don’t have vitiligo think they can catch it. This is sometimes the painful part of vitiligo.

o Key to dealing with vitiligo emotionally:

o Educate yourself on the disorder so the next time you are approached or looked at strangely use that as an opportunity to educate the person looking at you.

o Build your self esteem

o Surround yourself with supportive people

o Join a support group

o Let your light shine. Be proud. God has a purpose for you!

Vitiligo-How to quickly apply coverup base makeup

Thursday, January 6, 2011