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About Vitiligo Bond Inc.

Vitiligo Bond Inc. V.B.I© An uplifting support organization for acceptance living with vitiligo! Vitiligo Bond Inc. VBI is about improving people’s understanding, attitudes, and conduct regarding vitiligo. The use of community to promote fullness of life is the basic value at the heart of Vitiligo Bond Inc. Members that can benefit from this program include young children and adults. CEO & Founder: Natasha Pierre has written a self help book about her journey with vitiligo, she is an advocate for awareness, and she is focused on VBI’s light to shine on the darkness of people suffering with vitiligo. Vitiligo may not be life threating, but it is an isolating condition. VBI's is a warm environment where vitiligo suffers can learn from one another and boost each other's self esteem. Our Mission: An uplifting approach to acceptance and living with vitiligo! Our Vision: A supportive and warm place to bond and be part of a whole!